Cop and Kids

In 1991 the idea was discussed about starting a yearly charity for needy children in Warren County.  The program began in 1991 with $2000.00 and it has grown every year since that time it is our major charity.

Working with different social service organizations, we make contact with needy children who without your gracious donation would not know the joy of Christmas.

The children are brought to the designated location for our program where an officer is assigned to them in making their purchases.

Our police has always seen that necessities be taken care of (clothing) prior to the toys but all kids are taken to the toy area for a gift.

The police officers donate their time and are not compensated in any way.

This year one again we are having our cops and kids program with an officer at the Meijers Store on Montgomery Rd. in Deerfield Township.

The date for this years event is Sunday,

We hope that you will continue to support this worthy charity.