Ohio FOP Free College Benefit

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Ohio Fraternal Order of Police Education Opportunities

Q. What is the Ohio FOP Free College Benefit?

A. Thanks to the Ohio FOP, you can receive a scholarship that allows you to earn your Associate Degree from Eastern Gateway Community College—For Free! To be eligible for these scholarships, interested students must apply to the U.S. Department of Education for federal financial aid and use any grants to pay the tuition. Any remaining balance for tuition, fees, or books at EGCC will be covered by the Ohio FOP Free College scholarship. This ensures that no student has to pay out-of-pocket for any tuition or fees at EGCC—resulting in cost savings of thousands of dollars!

Q. Why is the Ohio FOP offering this benefit?

A: One of our Members’ biggest concerns is the cost of college. Today, only half of Americans who begin college will be able to finish, largely due to financial and work/life barriers. With this benefit, we’ve found a way to help our members and their families begin to alleviate this worry.

Q.  Is this a for real?

A.  It is for real and FOP members across Ohio have been taking advantage of this great opportunity since Fall 2015.

Eligibility requires that potential students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and apply any federal grants, as well as any employer or military tuition reimbursement or assistance for which they have eligibility.  Once the FAFSA is completed, the college may require that additional documentation be submitted.  All members must comply with the document requests by EGCC in order to complete the financial aid process to determine eligibility for federal aid.  The Free College benefit will cover the rest of the cost of tuition and fees for EGCC’s online programs.

Q.  If this is Free, why do I have to fill out the FAFSA?

A.  The Free College Benefit is a last dollar scholarship.  That means in order for it to work for as many people as possible, and for the Benefit to strengthen and grow, we need to ensure that students’ financial aid grants are applied to the tuition and fees.  The grants are only awarded by the federal government based on the information you provide in your FAFSA.

Q.  Will my union see the information on my FAFSA?

A. Only the US Department of Education and the financial aid office at EGCC will know your grant status.  Your privacy is protected.

Q.  I am confused by the FAFSA.  Can you help?

A.  We are happy to advise you on how to fill it out.  Give us a call at (740) 266-9992 or (330) 480-0726.  You can also check out the information in the video below.